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Need help? 02 9358 2263
Silver Wolf Projects Services

Civil Engineering

Silver Wolf Projects designs and certifies different types of Earth Retaining Structures such as gravity masonry retaining wall with the use different material inclusive of sandstone blocks, brick, concrete blocks, timber, steel and concrete sleepers and piling.

We undertake Embankment Stability Design and Analysis in piling and retaining wall applications using geotechnical engineering software.

We provides flexible solution for the design of footing and piling systems utilising different type of construction technique and materials such as driven or bored timber, steel and concrete piles, continuous flight auger (CFA) and screw piles.

Our engineering services includes the design and assessment of rigid concrete and flexible bitumen Pavements.

We undertakes Settlement and Consolidation analysis and Assessment of footings and foundation systems using geotechnical engineering software and testing regimes.

Our civil engineering services include the design, assessment and specification for Protection/Crash Barriers, Guardrail, Bollards and Signage for the general roadside and car park application inclusive of Bridge Anti – Throw / Safety Screens.

We also undertake the design of Noise Barriers to RMS (RTA) Specifications.

We will issue design and certification for new and pre-existing structures for construction and tendering purposes.


Company Accreditations & Licences

  • NSW Department of Fair Trading Building Licence 237451C;
  • Work Cover NSW Restricted Demolition Licence 207180DE2;
  • Member of the Master Builders Association NSW;
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Steel Construction.
  • Member of Strata Community Australia (SCA) NSW.
  • Strata Services Specialist Company (SCA) NSW.
  • Compass ISO 9001 Quality Assured Accredited JAS ANZ System