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Silver Wolf Projects Services

Structural Pull-Out Testing & Certification of Fall Arrest System Anchor Points, Cast In Bolts and Fixings

Silver Wolf Projects can perform structural inspection, undertake on-site “pull-out” testing and certification of all installed friction, mechanical or chemically installed anchors and bolts in application or use as anchor points for fall arrest systems in accordance the requirements of Australian Standard 1891.4 – Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices.

As detailed in Australian Standard 1891.4, required anchor point loading for one (1) person is 15kN with two (2) people is 21kN when used in a fall arrest system.

Using specialised “pull-out” testing equipment, Silver Wolf Projects can perform the necessary yearly testing certification which allows for a pull-out application of 50% of the certified loading capacity.


Company Accreditations & Licences

  • NSW Department of Fair Trading Building Licence 237451C;
  • Work Cover NSW Restricted Demolition Licence 207180DE2;
  • Member of the Master Builders Association NSW;
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Steel Construction.
  • Member of Strata Community Australia (SCA) NSW.
  • Strata Services Specialist Company (SCA) NSW.
  • Compass ISO 9001 Quality Assured Accredited JAS ANZ System