Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that’s important

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that’s important.

You may think your buildings are sound, but sometimes issues are hard to spot. Have you had it checked recently by a trained eye? When Silver Wolf Projects (SWP) goes out on site, time and time again we see areas of concern. Important aspects of buildings that, if not attended to, could pose structural risks in future.

All buildings – residential and commercial – are like stationary machines. They’re complex, finely tuned entities and every little part is crucial to the sum of the whole: every beam, wall and floorboard working in synchrony to keep the building up, solid and safe.

So, just like any machine, buildings absolutely need regular maintenance. Because when something goes wrong, if left unchecked, the consequences can be disastrous. The good news is though, it’s actually very easy to look after your buildings, with the right professional help and a proactive approach. Just as you take your car to the mechanic for regular servicing and checks, investing in regular professional building inspections means issues can be identified and addressed while they are still quick-fixes, before they escalate into major, potentially dangerous, and expensive headaches.

Sometimes there are clues that something might be wrong: cracks, leaks or rising damp are a building’s way of telling you it wants some attention (and don’t ignore it! Arrange an inspection immediately.) But just as often, issues are hidden away behind tiles or wall linings, up on the roof or down near the foundations, well out of sight and invisible to the untrained eye.

We find the problems and provide the solutions

Silver Wolf Projects (SWP) inspectors are qualified builders and structural engineers, with a thorough understanding of the hidden, structural workings of a building and the expertise to identify potential problems that others may miss – even in their earliest stages.

Your SWP inspector will diagnose any problem areas, and advise you on best way to have them repaired, allowing you to act immediately and resolve the problems while they are still minor repairs.

By identifying and dealing with problems before they have manifested into structural issues, you will save the owners corporation money over the long-term.
Regular inspections can:

  • identify small problems, allowing the owners corporation to have the issue addressed before it escalates
  • diagnose the overall condition of the building, make the strata management or owners corporation aware of any potential maintenance-related expenses that may come up in the future
  • stop you from losing sleep at night, worrying about how sinister that little crack in the wall is. We’ll tell you what’s wrong, and tell you how to get it fixed. Easy.

So how often are inspections required?

At SWP we recommend strata managers have their building inspected regularly, e.g. every five years. New buildings should be inspected more often as they ‘settle’, just to ensure any defects in construction are picked up and attended to early. Likewise buildings built more than 50 years ago, which may be deteriorating faster. Inspections are also recommended after periods of extreme weather (eg, long dry spells or heavy rainfall events).

Quick response

If there’s a problem with your building and work is required, you want to know about it as soon as possible. We won’t keep you waiting: SWP will get the inspection done and a formal report issued within three days of your initial enquiry, which means no wasted time and you can act faster to get any problems resolved. Plus, we’re always available on the phone if you have any queries or concerns.

Want your building’s health diagnosed? Book a SWP building inspection: call 02 9358 2263 or contact us.

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