Non-Destructive Investigation and Testing

In the Investigation & Testing division, our highly skilled team of Engineers utilises latest technology and methods in providing assessment, verification, testing, investigation and diagnosis service for various types of assets and structures.

  • Shop awning inspection, assessment and certification in response to council’s orders and asset management
  • Tensile pull out testing and certification for cast-in post-anchored bolts and rods
  • Tensile pull out testing and certification of anchorage points for fall arrest systemPile integrity testing (PIT) using echo sonic equipment to AS 2159
  • Assessment and verification of floodlight or light poles for durability and asset management
  • Dilapidation survey reports
  • Drone aerial surveying of roofs and structures


In recent times there have been reported incidents of shop awning collapses, in the State of NSW, generally without prior warning and in two (2) cases, the awning collapse led to loss of life.

Where there is loss of life, a coronial inquiry follows and from the findings of the Coroner is such that it is now incumbent upon Councils to conduct a safety audit of shop awnings within their Local Government Area.

Accordingly, it has become the responsibility of many local Councils to raise awareness towards the safety of shop awnings that extend over, or occupy the air space of public land within its area, i.e. the space of the public footpath, through the following measures:

  • Confirming responsibility of the building owner to ensure shop awnings are maintained in good order and are of sound condition to sustain their stability under the most adverse of conditions, particularly during high wind conditions and storms; and
  • Where the shop awning attached to building premises is more than 10 years in age, it is a requirement of the local Council that you engage a Professional Engineer to inspect the awning for its structural adequacy and is safe and capable of sustaining the most adverse combination of loads.

Silver Wolf Projects Provide the Services of Shop Awning Inspection, Design & Certification

Silver Wolf Projects has the expertise, qualifications, experience and necessary equipment required to provide the following services:
  • Onsite inspection of the subject shop awnings.
  • Provision of detailed written reports indicating condition of the awnings and any rectification requirements to meet code and safety standards.
  • Written certification of the structural integrity of the awning following any remedial rectification works (if applicable).
  • Undertake structural design of new awning or necessary components.
  • Preparation of scope of works and specifications to be sent the scopes to tender and administrating the contract of the nominated repairs through to their completion.
  • On completion of the above, issuance of the certificate of structural integrity.

Silver Wolf Projects Can Manage Necessary Repair & Upgrade Works to Awning Structures:

Silver Wolf Projects is appropriately licenced and insured to facilitate the management and co-ordination of all necessary upgrade and repair programs to awning structures for the issuance of council and safety certifications. We have on hand various panel Contractors and trade teams that we work in conjunction with to deliver a smooth and hassle free turn-key solution required in supporting your specific awning upgrade & repair process needs.


Silver Wolf Projects can undertake various asset investigations, reporting and diagnostic services relating to building, civil structures and public infrastructure such as light poles, retaining structures, sea walls, bridges and awnings. Our team of Engineers using varying methods of investigation and access provisions will structurally review, investigate and report on the condition of structures to determine integrity, soundness and the necessary recommendations for serviceability, renewable life cycle review and analysis.



Silver Wolf Projects can undertake Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) using our Echo Sonic Equipment validate pre-existing condition, structural depth and validate existing buried pile footings and provide structural reports and design criteria for Contractors to enable potential to re-use in retrospective design or incorporate into new footing designs.

Using our Echo Sonic Equipment, we can establish the constructed depth of an existing buried pile including any notable defects such as bulging, breakage or discontinuities.

In the case of assets such as light poles and other structures such as noise walls, flag poles and bridges relying on buried pile footings, Silver Wolf Projects has successfully completed Pile Integrity Testing and Structural designs for re-use of existing pile footings in differing circumstances to enable use rather than constructing new footings for Contractors providing considerable economic and program benefits to project works.


Silver Wolf Projects can perform structural inspection, undertake on-site “pull-out” testing and certification of cast-in or post-anchored mechanical or chemical fixings from M10 to M24 bolts in application or use as anchor points or hold-down bolts or studs in a variety of falsework to permanent structures.

Our pull-out testing rigs provides a versatile range of tensile test up to 50kN (5 tonne) for anchors, bolts, stud or eyelets in accordance with relevant Australian Standards including AS 1891.4, AS3600 & AS 4100 or project specific requirements.

Should you have a variation of fixings or requirements to the above mentioned size and load test guides, please do not hesitate to contact us for enquiry and clarification by our team of expert Engineers.

Using specialised “pull-out” testing equipment, Silver Wolf Projects can also perform the necessary yearly testing certification where is required by project specific requirements.